The history of Geo Tech Systems Limited dates back to July 1998 when the company was formed to respond to the Geo-Spatial needs of a company that was developing at a fast pace and to help bridge the gap between West Africa and the international community the help of innovative solutions for the development of a Geo Spatial data infrastructure.

The name Geo-Tech is derived from geomatics technology as the company seeks to provide innovative solutions in the collection, storing and processing of Geographic or spatial information. At Geo –Tech, our Geo Spatial solutions cover the following sectors: Mobile Mapping, Machine Control, Meteorology, Mapping & GIS, Construction, Survey, Agriculture, and Earth Quake & Dam Monitoring. We also provide allied services such as Institutional training and Capacity Building in Geo-Information and Land Management and our activities extend beyond the Ghanaian borders. 

The company has grown and diversified its portfolio which has enabled it to become a leading provider of top notch positioning solutions. A thirst for innovation, combined with an enthusiastic sense of entrepreneurship and an untiring dedication to quality products and services is what has kept Geo-Tech’s vison alive through the years. 

Geo-Tech Systems Limited is considered a leading company with experienced personnel, sophisticated equipment and cutting edge technologies


Geo-Tech Systems Limited maintains close and ongoing contact with its clients to ensure quality, continuing optimization and sound business practices. A mutual good and professional cooperation is significant for the success and excellence of both. Geo-Tech Systems Limited is also committed to strict adherence to law, uncompromising ethical standards and continuous attention to customer satisfaction and we do it by:

  1. Providing goods and services of excellent quality and high reliability through the state of the arts quality management methods
  2. Maintaining sound and efficient business operations in the long term and offer at worldwide competitive prices
  3. Ensuring on time delivery and takes responsibility for the goods and service
  4. Being innovative in technology and commit to continuous improvement as well as cost reduction
  5. Ensuring excellent skills and competencies by professional staff and training
  6. Respecting human right and live up to high standards of integrity
  7. Practice an active health and safety culture

To treat clients non-indiscriminately

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