Whereas there exists emerging trends I the development of high technology instruments to match up with the pace of demands on the markets, Geo Tech Systems Limited is considered as a pace setters it seeks to provide the breakthrough in modern technology by making the most update forms of equipment, tools and accessories available to clients.


Sales and supply of modern precision instruments, tools, accessories and GIS applications with relevant software constituting the hub of business operations at Geo-Tech Systems Limited.


Gone are the days when survey was all about finding positions of points, distances. The advent of technology has also seen the transformation of survey from angular measurement to 2D, 3D, 4D and even 6D measurements. Modern survey not only applies to land survey but extends to hydrographic survey, construction, engineering, photogrammetric, mapping and meteorology. 

Accuracy and precision has also become a standard benchmark for the surveying industry and to meet this, Topcon Sokkia has a wide range of precision positioning instruments and software to meet the dynamic needs of the market. Products include Total Stations, GNSS/GPS Receivers, Data Loggers, Laser Scanners, Mapping Devises, Levels, and Theodolites.


Machine control can be applied in fields such as civil engineering, agriculture, mining and construction to position earth work machinery based on GPS systems for greater control of machinery, full automation of machinery, full automation of machines movement and positioning. We have a wide and integrated range of sensor and software products that are scalable, upgradeable and user friendly for increased efficiency and productivity.


Topcon in its creativity and growth agenda has diversified into the agricultural sector to bring to the market the most advanced precision agriculture tools and positions solutions. These sophisticated technologies provide cost saving benefits by aiding in guiding, auto steering and rate of control for precision farm planning, harvesting, field mapping, irrigation siting, pesticide application etc. These technologies also support environmental efficacy and sustainability in the sector.


To be able to monitor earth’s seismic activities and the motions of Dams we require highly advanced seismic precision instrumentation. These instruments provide useful information for decision making especially in areas prone to frequent seismic activities for effective disaster detection and mitigation. Through our principles, Nano metrics, we offer a range of instruments for seismology, natural resource monitoring and oil & gas solutions.




To be able do more with less, we require smart technology with smart applications. These smart solutions provide answers to complex challenges in sectors such as utility, health, transportation, intelligence etc. One of such smart solution is the Topcon SIRIUS UAV an unmanned aerial system powered by MAVinci to produce the most accurate solutions for aerial mapping, monitoring environmental disaster prone areas, utility and mining. Its application is also highly demanding in inflexible an inaccessible terrains.


A street Addressing System involves naming streets and then numbering the properties along them. However, street addressing goes beyond the mere naming of streets and numbering of properties. It includes the development of digitized maps for use in the management of settlements and urban communities. The maps with the information acquired can be developed into GIS (Geographical Information System) as a database. These systems deliver significant benefits to both private and government business by making the urban setting more user friendly for: 

• Easy identification of locations for the facilitation of quick emergency response service providers like Fire Service and Police Emergency Teams. 

• Ensuring the efficient delivery of Municipal services in urban areas by courier organizations like the DHL, EMS and Postal Services in general, Utility service providers, tourist etc. 

• Easy identification of business locations in promoting operations of businesses in general (Easy access to business) 

• Improving the navigation system which makes it easier for people to find their way around in cities or towns. 

• Easy identification of business locations in promoting operations of businesses in general (Easy access to business) 

• Improving the navigation system which makes it easier for people to find their way around in cities or towns. 

• Assisting with the delivery of health, fire and security services in times of emergencies. 

• Facilitating easy location of critical facilities in towns and cities e.g. Hospitals. 

1. Easy identification of pieces to facilitate the work of tax/revenue collection by revenue agencies like the ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) GWCL (Ghana Water Company Limited) MDAs (Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies), etc. 

2. A platform to facilitate governmental initiatives like the National Identification Exercise and National Population and Housing Census. 

3. The private sector is enabled by system to provide targeted services to clients as well as tracking their location for the relevant follow-up business transactions. 

4. MMDAs uses it as a tool by making it possible for decentralized agencies to identify and monitor public assets and facilities which will facilitate urban planning and management of municipal services. 

In partnership with our foreign principals we undertook a pilot project of urban management land Information System code named UMLIS in Ghana for Accra Metropolitan Authority under the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development in collaboration with the LAND Administration project under the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources. 

UMLIS is a GIS –system combining geographical and alphanumerical data involving the development of an up-dated digital base map to facilitate the identification of parcels, parcel numbers, information on owners, values of properties and rates to be paid. Once the platform is set demographic attributes, socio-economic statistics and other infrastructural facilities are registered for several other references to be made for a common and coordinated management of the urban area. In this way all urban development and management endeavors are effectively consolidated for good result. The objective of the project is to develop a tool, UMLIS and a database platform for local governments in Ghana which will help them to efficiently collect land rents and other municipal fees for effective urban management. 
The UMLIS project piloted street naming I some parts of East Legon, Dzorwulu, Kokomlemle and Nima with the erection of signage for those street names that are entrenched .

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