Gone are the days when survey was all about finding positions of points, distances. The advent of technology has also seen the transformation of survey from angular…

UAV/Tidal Guage

To be able do more with less, we require smart technology with smart applications. These smart solutions provide answers to complex challenges in sectors…

Agriculture/Machine Control

Machine control can be applied in fields such as civil engineering, agriculture, mining and construction to position earth work machinery based on GPS systems for…

Earthquake/Dam Monitoring

To be able to monitor earth’s seismic activities and the motions of Dams we require highly advanced seismic precision instrumentation.


Sales and supply of modern precision instruments, tools, accessories and GIS applications with relevant software constituting the hub of business operations

Who We Are

We are considered as one of the leaders in GPS Surveys & engineering surveys organizations in Ghana and West Africa employing over 20 Professional personnel, providing survey consultancy and services to a client base…

After Sales Support​

We provide prompt delivery services to all our valued customers and excellent technical support solutions to address all problems arising from repairs and servicing 


Geo-Tech system limited also provides hiring services for both Survey and Level instruments to clients upon request.

Maintainance & Repairs

The company has a servicing centre which is technologically equipped with state-of-the-art modern equipment to efficiently carry out servicing and periodic maintenance as well as calibrations…

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