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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Pursuant to its mission, Geo-Tech System Limited is committed to providing:

  1. The highest and cost effective technologies in the supply of surveying, mapping, mining and forestry equipment and accessories.

  2. High quality general survey and mapping consultancy, institutional co-operation, production, technical and training support services for institutional capacity building, land management, GIS, and Geospatial solutions with team work and strategic alliance with local and international partners.

  3. Equipment, computers & accessories as well as all types of office stationery which are free from defects.

  4. Excellent and unmatched expertise in the servicing and maintenance of all brands of survey instruments. Cost effective technologies in the supply and trading of high quality office.

Our Vision

Geo-Tech Systems Limited vision is to be recognized in the Sub-Saharan and Internationally for its resource base and innovative approach of providing clients with customized solutions that meet not only the needs of today but will also meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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