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About Geo-Tech Systems

The name Geo-Tech was derived from the main objective of formation i.e. GEOMATICS TECHNOLOGY. Geo-tech intended to form this group of Surveyors to assist and support all form of surveys and GIS jobs.

Geo-Tech Systems Limited is considered as a leading company with experienced personnel, sophisticated equipment and cutting edge technologies and finalized projects.

Our marketplace is notably comprehensive and we serve our customers a wide multiplicity of goods ranging from General Office Equipment and Materials, Computers & Accessories, Audio Visual Equipment, Field and Camping Equipment, Surveying Equipment and Geological Accessories etc in an unparalleled fashion. We also provide other allied services like institutional training, capacity building in Geo-Information and Land Management etc.

The full Survey & Mapping was established since 1998, as a means of improving customer services in Geo-Tech's engineering field and provide consortium of services to clients in the sub-region of West Africa. This was to extend the services from survey equipment supply to full time surveying services. Geo-Tech continues to undertake projects in the field of Topographical Surveying, Roads and Highways Surveys, Earthwork Surveys, GPS and Underwater Pipeline Surveying, Geo-Technical, Transmission line Surveys and Design, Mining Surveying, Cadastral Surveying, General and Engineering Surveying and Ground Control Surveys for photogrammetric mapping. Our activities also extend across the West Coast.

In 1995, Geo-Tech self sponsored GPS Surveys across the country and calculated seven transformation parameters for transformation of WGS84 coordinates into Ghana National Grid System. Currently, the company is always abreast with the latest technology in offering surveying services and also has in stock the latest surveying equipment and its accessories and the appropriate mapping and data management software in order to expand into the Geographical Information Systems and Geo-Data Management market. It has since then developed this facility through the acquisition of appropriate additional equipment.

This survey section has been transformed into a modern technology equipped and computerized Surveying organization using some of the most recent software to produce comprehensive, quality, intelligent maps. The company is committed to developing expertise and quality in its market. In line with this it has committed substantial resources to the development of its technology and human resource through continuous training and effective team development.

At present, we are considered as one of the leaders in GPS Surveys & engineering surveys organizations in Ghana and West Africa employing over 20 Professional personnel.

We also provide Survey Consultancy and services to a client base which includes government and its various agencies, Educational Institutions, Architects, Civil Engineering Contractors, Consulting Engineers, Mining Companies, Property Developers, Utility Organizations, individuals, and International Organizations engaged in Land related development in West Africa.

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